Handmade. From beginning to end.
Create - Remodel - Replicate

The poetry of our work comes from the people we meet. For over 40 years now, we have had the privilege to experience emotional moments with both men and women of every age and from all continents who have put their trust in us.

Whether it be for CREATING the jewel of your dreams, RESTYLING a cherished person’s precious bracelet or REPLICATING the adored earring lost, we will be delighted to welcome you in our workshop in Orvieto, Italy. We can also meet you in Rome, by appointment.

And since our work is made of designing and creating, may you already be in Orvieto, you will be able to see a few unique pieces available inspired by the gemstones we found and simply could not resist. After all, every piece has a story to tell.


  • Looking for … or testing the strength of Facebook - Today, with your help, I feel like testing the strength of Facebook. Let me tell you the little story. Last May, a lady from New York came in Il Laboratorio. She had chosen Italy for bike-tourism. Her eyer was sharp; a true connoisseur, I must say. She wanted to see some pieces; paid special attention […]
  • Fall Cleaning - This is Anna and today I’ve decided to share with you today a slice of life recently told by a customer crossed by chance. “The days are shorter, the nights cooler, she said. I like to take advantage of this in-between season to put away my summer outfits and take out my coziest clothes, wool, […]
  • The hands of Hermès – Les mains de Hermès - Les mains de Hermès. Beautiful. So beautiful. A film that reveals and exhibits artisans, gestures and know-how. As well as exquisite moments of silence. After being screened in the cinemas of Tokyo, New York, Paris, Moscow and other megalopolises, this jewel of a film directed by Frédéric Laffont and Isabelle Dupuy-Chavanat is now accessible on […]


Il Laboratorio is located between Rome and Florence. We can also meet you in Rome, upon request.

Via L. Signorelli, 1
05018 Orvieto (TR)
+(39) 0763 344787 / 338 6372872

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