Alessandro Repetto was born on Governo Vecchio street, a historic artery close to Piazza Navona in the heart of Rome on April 11, 1958. He has breathed the stimuli and the charm of that Roman atmosphere made of crafts and old workshops since childhood.

After attending high school and not yet 18 years of age, he begins to attend the goldsmith’s shop of a reputable jewelry maker.

This striking experience of his youth brings him to working with other experienced craftsmen and goldsmiths, where he manages to acquire a large spectrum of façons de faire, notions and procedures.

From that moment on that art will become his passion that will lead him, over the course of more than 40 years of activity, to become a real master in the construction of jewelry and knowledge of precious stones, with proven international certificates.

His peculiarity is the complete realization of the object, from idea to completion with a technique that does not involve neither the use of lost wax nor fusion. Consequently, each piece is both unique and authentic. Since 1993 he has been working and living in Orvieto.