This is Anna and today I’ve decided to share with you today a slice of life recently told by a customer crossed by chance. “The days are shorter, the nights cooler, she said. I like to take advantage of this in-between season to put away my summer outfits and take out my coziest clothes, wool, cashmere. Anything which makes me feel comfortable. While doing this chore in the last few days, I noticed that some jewels once very much liked do not please me anymore. I kind of believe that my tastes have changed, as I probably have. So I decided to do something concrete and practice the art of chic recycling and take this piece to Alessandro and ask him for advice on the ‘next life’ this bracelet could take. I’m in a kind of restyling phase. What do you think of this Anna, she asked. It will be a pleasure for both of us to welcome you, I said. ‘’ It seems like the saying do not put off until tomorrow what can be done today still holds. Have yourselves a good October!