It is in great shape that we return to work, after a nice vacation.

Over the last few months, we have put our experience, creativity and enthusiasm into what we could call a “refreshment cure”, with the aim of simplifying and clarifying our communications. Dare to say it, there are limits to discretion. Accompanied by friends who make it their job, this approach has led us among other things to question, doubt, seek and, more importantly, to listen to our clients with all the attention they deserve, since they have trusted us for over forty years.

In a world where we are constantly the target of new offers, in the fine jewelry and goldsmith sector as elsewhere, we firmly believe that there is a place of choice for beautiful objects entirely handmade by craftsmen who know their job and who work in these small workshops where creation thrives thanks to the trust, complicity and the intimacy shared with clients. Remember that not so long ago, craftsmen were the pride and signature of Italy. Was it not Coco Chanel who said: fashion goes out of fashion, style never. End of the quote.

All this to say that we have clearly identified our services, displayed our business hours and our location. We also visited other members of Orvieto’s business community to let them know about the range of services we offer. After all, communication is repetition. We have also subscribed to listings and guides so that others can talk about us.

It is in this spirit of ‘rafraîchissement’ that we invite those we’ve had the pleasure of serving to let us know their current coordinates. You have moved, your email address has changed, your phone number is no longer the same … we will be happy to update your contact information and even better, to see you at Il Laboratorio.

By inviting you to follow us here or on Facebook where we will be present without being relentless, we wish you a good end of summer!